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Rooted in a unique sisterhood of common goals, we curate and engage our bodies, minds and our unique and
individual gifts. Here’s the place where we share the secrets, keys and knowledge about business, family, finance,
relationships, sex, intimacy, our ideas, ground breaking technology, and optimal health:

We deliver what matters most to us…

We cater to entrepreneurs, innovators, pioneers, educators, mothers, and community leaders in an invigorating, integrated
and fun community atmosphere.

Why We Do It!

because none of us is greater than a sisterhood, supportive tribe or invaluable pact.

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Rarity events are unadulterated:
Hands on, interactive, high level thought leader discussions and training’s beyond your imagination.
Connecting visions, clarity and wisdom for women

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Topics Here with Images: (NICOLE- you also want to re-title and create new content, as yours may be different,
and know that you can always borrow my content to re-purpose for you.

The Genius Mind – The Female Brain

Why women do what they doThe most powerful thing a woman can discover is why she does what she does. Understanding how our thoughts can cloud our vision, our conversations with men, our kids, our friends and our relationships with money. As women, we are hard wired to care, at the highest deepest level. Learn to connect your mind to your heart.

Investing in Success

(money, ideas, stewardship, prosperity, philanthropy, management) What is the formula to build wealth? We’ve all experienced major changes over the past few years. Now what? Learn how to plan and position yourself for wealth creation, investing and selflessly helping others. Abundance is vital for a woman's growth and happiness for health, money, friends, family and love.

Finding Your Tribe

Your Soul Group Awaits For centuries societies survived by forming tribes. Now it’s imperative in today’s fast paced world. In this discussion, we’re looking at the impact having a tribe can have on your business, and in your personal life. Imagine if you were supported in every area and arena or your world. How successful could you be?


Leverage or get leveraged Keep it simple, make life & business easier. Technology is a heaven or hell for woman of all ages, if used correctly we can gain hours per day BACK! Roll back the hands of time. Imagine new and seat edging technology, apps and ways to relieve stress.

Comeback Women

How to eliminate failure for good. What if failure didn’t exist? Part of protecting and building legacy is learning how to deal with setbacks, failures and how to make a comeback. Hear from women who have lost millions, suffered divorce, withstood pain, abuse or heartache, survived health tragedies. Learn what they did to regain their life and to reinvent themselves.

The Multi-Orgasmic Man & Woman

Ultimate Sex, Soar to New Heights in Sexual Pleasure Live demonstration, no we won’t be nude! Did you know that men also desire deeper levels of sexuality and intimacy. How do you ask for what you want in the bedroom, in the boardroom and in your life? True, tried, and trusted techniques to ecstasy, passion and pleasure.

What’s Your Role

Dynamic women gather on the 1st and 3rd Saturday. Rarity events occur twice per month, with a third optional outdoor adventure.
These adventures are priceless and are often co-ed.

Rarity is by membership only. Members receive full access to our events, adventures, private social media group
page, and archive library of all recorded events.

Rarity members can also log in “live” and join the virtual community of Worldwide Women.

Events are exclusively for women, by women, unless specified. Some of our meetings and outdoor adventures may
be co-ed and include family members and kids.

About Nicole Brandon

Nicole is one of the most sought-after Speakers Worldwide. Knighted on September 28th, 2013 for her humanitarian service, she is known throughout the world as the “Ambassador of Kindness.”

This title has launched her on stages and forums in every area, including the White House, The United Nations and Embassy’s throughout the World.

Nicole is a member of the prestigious “Transformational Leadership Council” and a chosen carrier of the “World Peace Flame” holding prestigious positions on World Peace Councils across the globe.

Nicole was a Key Note Speaker at “The Olympics” and an instrumental speaker at “The World Cup” sharing her Mastery of the Body and its Unlimited Potential.

Nicole has captivated the stages in 26 countries, while mesmerizing crowds from 500 to over 5,000 people. The audiences are completely enraptured as she illuminates the stages with her own brand of humor and her sheer delight and passion for living.

Nicole was honored as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World” and is considered an American Gem. The Mayor of Los Angeles awarded her with a certificate noting that she was an “Angel” in the “City of Angels” and The California State Senate honored Nicole with an environmental award “For Making California a Better Place to Live.

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